May 2016


It’s a cold start to 2018 here in Brighton but an exciting one for Indio Internet!
I have spent the last few months restructuring a business strategy from the current status as a web design and graphics service to specialising in web sites and a digital consultancy for Startups and digital nomad entrepreneurs!

I will be taking my 22+years of expirience working with Microsoft, the BBC and American Express and lately with AMZ Tracker in Bangkok and Ink Oil in Sri Lanka and steering towards this new and exciting sector.
In conjunction with the recalibration of Indio Internet’s target market, my good friend and collaborator Danny Flood will be coming on board to offer his massive repository of experience as a leading authority in online marketing and how to grow a profitable online business.

Danny Flood is co-founder of OpenWorld, the world’s #1 resource for active lifestyle creators. Danny is also a best selling author of 5 books including ‘Buy Your Own Island’ & the ‘Hack” series of publications.

I have officially retired from professional session drumming but do enjoy a jam-session and the odd pub gig with my mates! And yes, before you ask, of course I miss it but its a tough game and I have spent many years doing it. I’m a hard drummer with a Dave Grohl, John Bonham style which is pretty ear shattering and I want to keep whats left of my hearing intact. Also, its very physical! I am not a drummer who’d just sit there and play a nice 4×4, I am like a caged animal when I play, yeah, I suppose I used my time behind a drum kit to exercise my inner torment and share it with an audience as rhythm.

Love Tattoos – Love Ink Oil

Ink Oil® is a business idea  that came to me like a shot out of the blue! I’d just got back to Bangkok from a trip to Bali which I have to say is where the inspiration hit me smack in the boat race (cockney rhyming slang – face).

I’m a tattooed guy and always use coconut oil as an aftercare product but it’s messy and that was when it hit me! “Why don’t I develop a coconut based tattoo aftercare cream”? So I did. Then I had to think of a name that would work both as a .com and as a company trading name for the brand. This was going to take a lot of due diligence!

The Brighton Erotic Boudoir is a website that I designed for my dear friend and business associate Koulla Kokkuli also known as Mistress Dometria. I have done quite a few sites for Koulla and host them on my servers! we have been working together for about nine years now so planning this website was pretty much part of my normal modus operandi and I also knew the subject matter pretty well.

The one thing I had to get spot on though was the branding , look and feel and a pretty complex booking for that would work with Paypal. Being WordPress, this was not so much of a challenge as a range of plugins were available

I first arrived in Bangkok in 2012 on an invitation from a life long friend who lives and works there as a teacher! First impressions…? Well, not exactly overwhelmed to be honest! For a start, they drive on the same side of the road as us and the cars look similar to that of the UK. But it was fucking hot! Not just hot hot but the kind of hot that sucks your breath out of your sweat glands.
It’s always hot in Bangkok! Thailand has three seasons, Wet, Hot and cold. Cold rarely gets below 80 degrees, Wet season requires amphibious transport and Hot season is at best, uncomfortable and at worst, a danger to the mortality of even the most health conscious.

It takes a while you get used to the heat and indeed the way of life! And that is not something that comes in a 2 week visit

So, another Visa run and another flight out of Bangkok! This time I decided to take my lovely girlfriend Gift with me to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I’d heard so much about it from fellow DC’s and co workers that I decided that I must see it for myself! And off to Don Muang airport in a Uber black we went, and then I realised that Gift had never flown before! She’s got her new passport and was a bit nervous. Even being in the airport had her trembling. Not many Thai people have a passport, let alone fly so this was a big deal for her, and the fact that she was leaving her 16 year old daughter behind with her sister. She was a tad distressed.

We got on the Air Asia plane which was all very normal for me being a frequent flyer, we taxi’ed along the run way and I held her hand as we picked up speed and took off.