June 2017


New Beginnings – October 2015

I first heard about AMZ Tracker from my friend Tanya back in 2015, she, being a member of AMZ Tracker saw a job ad on their website and informed me about it! I was looking for a meaningful break from Brighton and as this was in Bangkok, one of the places on my list to visit, it was perfect timing.

The application process was a three day event! I had to create memberships, make a video and have a Skype interview but I got the job . Yep, I was well happy but it meant saying goodbye to the band I was playing in and to my son Indio who at the time was 16 and was pretty much independent and had left school and got himself in to college to study film making. Still, its a big move for anyone starting out on a Digital Nomadic journey.

I had a lovely girlfriend back in 1987 in Brighton called Stella, she was a 6th former at Roedean and her farther was the Cultural Attaché to the British ambassador of Sri Lanka. She told me so much about this island paradise that I was absolutely fixated with the place. I was totally hooked and obsessed with getting out there but there was a civil war on and getting out there was going to be very difficult.

I still feel the same way now as I always did about Sri Lanka, even now having been here many times, there is so much more I want to do and see. And eventually live here