New Beginnings – October 2015

I first heard about AMZ Tracker from my friend Tanya back in 2015, she, being a member of AMZ Tracker saw a job ad on their website and informed me about it! I was looking for a meaningful break from Brighton and as this was in Bangkok, one of the places on my list to visit, it was perfect timing.

The application process was a three day event! I had to create memberships, make a video and have a Skype interview but I got the job . Yep, I was well happy but it meant saying goodbye to the band I was playing in and to my son Indio who at the time was 16 and was pretty much independent and had left school and got himself in to college to study film making. Still, its a big move for anyone starting out on a Digital Nomadic journey.

I had a lovely girlfriend back in 1987 in Brighton called Stella, she was a 6th former at Roedean and her farther was the Cultural Attaché to the British ambassador of Sri Lanka. She told me so much about this island paradise that I was absolutely fixated with the place. I was totally hooked and obsessed with getting out there but there was a civil war on and getting out there was going to be very difficult.

I still feel the same way now as I always did about Sri Lanka, even now having been here many times, there is so much more I want to do and see. And eventually live here

A Childhood In Royal Leamington Spa

I never intended or thought I would be an entrepreneur coming from such humble and working class beginnings!
I grew up in a a prosperous  town in England called Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire to working class parents! My dad Gerry and mum June in the mid 60’s. Leamington is a Spa town surrounded by beautiful countryside and connected via the river Avon to the historic towns of Warwick and Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford Upon Avon. Kind of landed on my feet being born here! Although it was pretty much full of posh gits, at least it wasn’t Coventry! now that would have been tough.

I got into web design via the music industry! In the late 80’s with the advent of Acid House music! Many bands were turning to drum machines, samplers and other music technology at the time, bands like the Shaman and Big Audio Dynamite and the likes. Not wanting to be left on the side-lines, I learnt to program a drum machine and by the early 90’s I was pretty fluent with the electronic side of music.

At this time, Microsoft Windows 3.1 was available, as was Apple Macintosh, and then The Internet was suddenly available via a massive noisy box called a modem. This really revolutionised so many things at this time for so many of us in music. Suddenly, we were able to put our band on a web page.

Love Tattoos – Love Ink Oil

Ink Oil® is a business idea  that came to me like a shot out of the blue! I’d just got back to Bangkok from a trip to Bali which I have to say is where the inspiration hit me smack in the boat race (cockney rhyming slang – face).

I’m a tattooed guy and always use coconut oil as an aftercare product but it’s messy and that was when it hit me! “Why don’t I develop a coconut based tattoo aftercare cream”? So I did. Then I had to think of a name that would work both as a .com and as a company trading name for the brand. This was going to take a lot of due diligence!

I got the idea for buying and selling vintage Harley’s when I returned to Brighton in February this year! I went for a drink with my good friend and collaborator Kent who I have known for a few years now. Kent is an old school real biker with the tattoos and a Harley workshop in Brighton! I was originally looking for a bike for myself for the summer season but couldn’t find what I was looking for so seeing a gap in the market for flipping bikes for a profit decided to buy some vintage Ironhead Sportsters.

Kent already had a set up called Rat Chopper where he was fixing up and customising friends bikes but I saw the potential here for so much more.

Palm Tree Products is the brainchild of my business partner in Ink oil Tanya Caso! It was through Tanya that I ended up going to Bangkok to work with AMZ Tracker back in 2015. I met Tanya via our mutual friend Naomi Bedford who I was a session drummer for. Tanya needed some web design done for her then fledgling business, we met up form there and I put together a couple of web sites for her.

It was at this time that Tanya told me all about selling on Amazon and the Amazing Selling Machine course she was doing! I was pretty sceptical at the time as I thought it was a bit pie in the sky but boy was I proved wrong