I got into web design via the music industry! In the late 80’s with the advent of Acid House music! Many bands were turning to drum machines, samplers and other music technology at the time, bands like the Shaman and Big Audio Dynamite and the likes. Not wanting to be left on the side-lines, I learnt to program a drum machine and by the early 90’s I was pretty fluent with the electronic side of music.

At this time, Microsoft Windows 3.1 was available, as was Apple Macintosh, and then The Internet was suddenly available via a massive noisy box called a modem. This really revolutionised so many things at this time for so many of us in music. Suddenly, we were able to put our band on a web page.

The Internet? We are not interested in it.BILL GATES – 1993

From here on in, I was pretty much hooked on to this new Internet thing! I remember sending my first email from my 3.1 machine! It was some info for my 30th Birthday party to my good freeing Mark Fregard the renowned record producer behind The Breeders  – Canon Ball, New Model Army, Del Amitri and lots of other top artists! He had an AppleMac that was using to do remixes and had the first incarnation of Photoshop on there, so we sat down and knocked up an invite for the party.  Photoshop was like magic at the time! No-one had seen anything like it! From then on, I started mixing photoshop with HTML and Notepad and soon enough had a skill-set that would get me work as a web designer.

I was still a professional session drummer at the time and landed a gig with the legendary punk band X-Ray Specs! We embarked on a UK tour and by the time I was finished and at home, my Mrs,  (Anne God bless her) said “If you go on tour again that’s it”! I’d been on the road for about a month and Jak Airport (RIP) the guitarist and myself were living it up just a little too much, So arrived home a month later with a killer hangover and looking like i’d just escaped from a prisoner of war camp. I took a week to recover and then contemplating what Ann said to me, got a copy of the London evening standard and went through the Situations Vacant page. There was an ad in there for a company recruiting 70+ support staff for a software launch! I got an interview the following day and got the job. Of all companies, it happened to be Microsoft looking for telephone support staff for the launch of Windows 95. The training program was fro three months and I got chosen as a team leader for the MSN and Hotmail support department. I really enjoyed this job and didn’t miss the music industry at all, I got trained up on everything MS Windows and the pay was really good. I learnt so much in so little time and expanded my technical knowledge to networks and 2nd line support. After a year at Microsoft, I decided to become a self employed 2nd line technical support bod and got a contract at the BBC in Television Centre in Wood Lane, funnily enough, Jak from X-Ray Specs had also got a job there as a researcher so I had a mate to hangout with at lunch break. This went on for another year until I landed a job at HMV head office where at which point Ann became pregnant and gave birth to my son Indio (Who I named my web design company after). We then decided to sell up as Ann had given up her Fashion design business and we moved back to Brighton where I had previously lived before in the late 80’s.

I felt settled in Brighton with a new family and a new house but on familiar territory! I got myself a job at American Express as a Help Center Manager and from there 2 years later got a promotion to the job of Intranet Consultant where I was in charge of putting together a 2000+ intranet site together for the financial department. this turned out to be a success, but for me, I was feeling like a bear trapped in a cage and needed to get out and do something more fulfilling and meaningful. Now that was a big risk as I had a family, a house, a car and of course, my 1967 Triumph 650 and my new Harley Davidson Road King! So there was nothing for it really, I decided to go to Daytona Florida for the 100th Anniversary of Harley Davidson, a massive biker festival that was absoultuy brilliant. I got back to wrk at AMEX after the break and new I had to break free so made the decision to quit and go it alone as a web designer. And thats when I started Indio Internet.

Indio Internet – Complete Web Design Services

Indio Internet - My Workspace
Indio Internet – My Workspace

To be continued…

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