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Ink Oil® is a business idea  that came to me like a shot out of the blue! I’d just got back to Bangkok from a trip to Bali which I have to say is where the inspiration hit me smack in the boat race (cockney rhyming slang – face).

I’m a tattooed guy and always use coconut oil as an aftercare product but it’s messy and that was when it hit me! “Why don’t I develop a coconut based tattoo aftercare cream”? So I did. Then I had to think of a name that would work both as a .com and as a company trading name for the brand. This was going to take a lot of due diligence!

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Ink Oil Tattoo Aftercare - Love Tattoos Love Ink Oil
Ink Oil Tattoo Aftercare – Love Tattoos Love Ink Oil

Ink Oil® is a registered UK Ltd Company and a  registered trademark  – Love Ink Oil® is a USA registered trademark

It occurred to me that after watching lots of tattoo Vlogs on Youtube, all were exposing and praising coconut oil as the wonder cure for tattoo aftercare and after a lot of research and questions to fellow tattooed people found that there was nothing on the market that facilities tattoo healing that is made from coconut oil. Coconut oil is a messy substance to apply to your skin, it changes in consistency at different temperatures too! When the weather is hot, it liquifies and the opposite happens in a cold climate, it turns into a solid mass. So, what I had to do was develop a formula (with my business partner Evan) that would stabilise the properties and make it into a consistent cream! Then there was the method of delivery! We had to make the cream that we now had (After 6 months of lab development work) into a constancy that would actually come out of a tube when squeezed! Eh Presto, we did it!

Its All About The Consistency

I went about testing the formula on tattooed friends to see what they preferred! I had 5 samples, all at different thicknesses! We finally came up with the result we needed to proceed to the next phase….! The scent, the bouquet, the smell! It had to smell good, natural and wearable, we have tried everything from lemon grass essence to mango sorbet to get the smell we wanted. It was time to pause and rethink the marketing strategy and find out what people liked! I went back to the philosophy that “It has to do what is says on the tin” so to speak. At this juncture I decided that we have to stay with what the product is! Its an organic coconut oil that as an organic emulsifier and added vitamin D & E. I wanted it to smell like coconut oil and thats what we have! Even people who don’t like the taste of coconut like the smell. So there you have it, Ink Oil Tattoo Aftercare. Organic Coconut cream with Vitamin D & E.

Tattooists & Artists

I have come up with an idea to contract quality and known tattooists to do individual tattoo artwork for Ink Oil® products! And like a recording artist, will be paid a royalty of the sales of the given package that their artwork appears on! I have two tattooists from Brighton working on artwork at the moment, Adam Downing and Aaron Fitchett. Both are brilliant and up and coming tattoo artists that are producing the retro but new school work that I like. I also have a fabulous decoupage artist creating some box artwork for me. Jules J Foreman. Her work is unique and quite stunning.

Currently working on the final tubes and artwork for the packaging. It will be first delivered in a 100ml squeezy tube. We are also finalising the scent of the cream! Can you believe there are 19 different coconut essences to choose form, so getting the right will be crucial.

Brian Roe Blog Ink Oil Tubes
Brian Roe Blog Ink Oil Tubes

Off to Bangkok to the largest pacaging Expo in Asia (14th June)!
Hoping to discover some new and innovative squeezy tubes and a quality supplier. This is not just for Ink Oil but also for a new product for Palm Tree Products, an organic coconut body moisturiser with vitamin D & E  – a perfect after-sun soother and dry skin healer. Also, looking for a cool jar for yet another new product that is about to go to market! “Stardust” Organic activated coconut charcoal teeth whitening powder!

Update: The Expo was pretty cool with some amazing innovations on display including some awesome tube filling machines, but at a cost of $50’000, they are a bit steep, we will look into purchasing one later in the year.

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