The two places in Bali that I have visited are Canggu (pronounced Changoo) and Ubud. They both vary in digital nomad patronage! I would say that Canggu is very much more focused on the MacPacker digital nomad and Ubud more to the liking of the entrepreneur and professional digital nomad. Canggu being a younger surf orientated crowd and Ubud the Yoga loving variety.
Both share a laid-back trait and both with positive and ( a few) negative characteristics.

As a teenager, I went to Bali a lot, but it’s a long, long way from England. Which is why, when we bought Necker Island, we made it like a mini Bali.RICHARD BRANSON

Canggu, Bali

Canggu really reminds me of Goa back in the early 1990’s? A free spirited vibe mixed with a pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit. But where as Goa became populated with the Benidorm type of beer monster, Canggu as so far resisted all attempts of becoming another spoilt Mecca of satellite TV sports bars and cheap tat-selling ripoff merchants. Sadly, this is what became of Goa by the 2000’s… and has gotten worse! No disrespect to the Russians but budgie smugglers, saddles with socks and a beer belly in the supermarket is not a good look (And thats just the women).

I love Canggu for the fact that it has resisted the “beer monster” types of  Kuta (a southern resort in Bali) and seeing the business’s and bars that are trying to show 24 hour live sports being so empty, actually puts a smile on my face!
They just wont make it here! Leave it to the surfers and the hippy nomads doing social media to make a buck, leave it to the wide-eyed gap year student who is discovering life away from home and institutionalised education.

These are the future entrepreneurs and thinkers who will shape fads, fashions and cultures for future generations. I was one of these people once when I first went to Goa, and I live these people for still maintaining the vibe and seeking a more holistic and free way of life.

Outsite –  Coliving / Coworking space in Canggu

Outsite Coworking - Coliving space - Canggu Bali, Digital Nomad - Brian Roe
Outsite, Coworking – Coliving space in Canggu Bali.

Outsite is a coliving & coworking establishment focused with professional and entrepreneurial digital nomads in mind! I found it when I put a shout out for a get together for a mastermind. I wanted to get some feedback on an idea that I am working on focusing on the Yoga industry.

Thats what this trip has been all about for me. The last time I was here, but in Ubud was for the very same reason for Ink oil and for developing the business model I have created that focuses on the organic cosmetics for lifestyles. tattoo’s being one and Yoga being the other.

Outsite was a recommendation that came because of the shoutout! The intention was to go back to Ubud but I am so glad that I chose a different location for this visit as Outsite has been the perfect choice.

Ubud, Bali

The taxi driver I think was an Hindu reincarnation of Ayrton Senna, the great Formula 1 champion! To say he was quick round the corners would be an understatement, this guy was on a mission. It was a long drive at 22:00 through the jungle from the airport to Ubud and I think he wanted to get home for his dinner. He was a really nice guy though and if his friendliness was an indicator of how the Balinese treat visitors, I was in for a very pleasant stay.


I’m writing this as I am experiencing it…

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