The Brighton Erotic Boudoir is a website that I designed for my dear friend and business associate Koulla Kokkuli also known as Mistress Dometria. I have done quite a few sites for Koulla and host them on my servers! we have been working together for about nine years now so planning this website was pretty much part of my normal modus operandi and I also knew the subject matter pretty well.

The one thing I had to get spot on though was the branding , look and feel and a pretty complex booking for that would work with Paypal. Being WordPress, this was not so much of a challenge as a range of plugins were available

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Brighton Erotic Boudoir Web Site by Brian Roe
Brighton Erotic Boudoir Web Site by Brian Roe

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The site was launched in November 2016 and I’m pleased to say that it is doing the job and bringing the punters. I am still doing SEO work on the site though as there is a bit of competition and I want it to be in the top search categories for its genre.

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