Great to be back in sunny Brighton, but not for too long I hope as I’m looking to get back out to Sri Lanka and on to the plantation to get on with some product development. But saying that, there are not many places better to find yourself than in Brighton between April and September.

I first moved to Brighton from my home town of Leamington Spa back in January 1987. The whole band “Light” moved down together. We were all best mates and had been planning the move for a good 6 months and made a few visits in that time! Some of our close friends had already moved down.

I miss Brighton enormously, enormously. There is so much I miss, including rain. I miss the verdant countryside.


It was the worst winter that they’d had for many years so Jez, my best mate and lead singer and myself had to wade through deep snow into town as there were no busses running! It was a tough call as we were all the way out in Hollingbury and the Dole office we needed to sign on at at the time was three miles away. It soon brightened up and we gradually made our selves feel at home here. I got a cool house share in Poets Corner in Hove and a job as a chef at the YMCA, I also got a night job as a glass collector at the Pink Coconut night club. So, I was earning the money but not playing much music because I was working all the time! Luckily, Jez & Andy the guitarist spent this time writing loads of new material and getting a gig set together.

June came and I was getting a bit pissed off working 2 jobs so I eventually left and one day walking on the Palace Pier, I decided to ask a guy in a sunglass stall if he had any jobs, he said “yeah, but prove to me you can sell”! So I took up is offer and there on the spot sold my first pair of cheap copy ray bans to a foreign student. He like my sales pitch and enthusiasm and gave me the job.  This was so cool, I got to work on the Pier, where I arrived early every day on my skateboard and quickly established myself as a member of the crew. Got to say, it was probably the best summer of my life! I was working outdoors on a famous landmark, there were girls everywhere, I made some spare cash and got the time off to rehearse with the band.

I was very dedicated to my drumming at the time and would rehearse from 2:00 til 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, i’d go back to the Pier from 5:00 til 8:00 PM and finish off the evening shift, lock up and usually make my way into the Laines for a drink at either the Frock & Jacket or The Old Vic where the local punk bands hung out! Including Peter & The Test Tube Babies and the Four Guns.

The name of our band was Fuse! We quickly established ourselves as one of the best bands in Brighton and started reaching out in to London and further a field. We got a manager that happened to be Jez’s then girlfriend Anita Heryet, who incidentally became Alan McGee’s right hand girl with the formation of Creation records and the signing and management of Oasis. She eventually moved to London and discovered Kasabian and signed them up! She still lives there now! We met in Brighton a few years ago but she was so up her own arse that we didn’t get on at all! Shame when you spend your younger days having great experiences with a close friend and for them end up so full of themselves because of the connections they have! Anita is the girl pictured on the record sleeve of Oasis’s Wonderwall. – to be continued…

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