I met the team at the Gold Irons Tattoo Club through my business associate Koulla Kakkouli also known as Mistress Dometria who I do the Brighton Erotic Boudoir website for! She her self his a brilliant entrepreneur and really is first class in marketing her business’s through her work as a world champion Body builder and actress. We have worked together now for a good 9 years.

Gold Irons Tatto Club used to be known as its previous incarnation Diablo Tattoo Studio. The guys spent quite a lot of money re-moddleing the studio and brought me in to enhance there online aspect with a commission for a brand new website.

My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.

Check out the Gold Irons Tattoo Website – http://www.goldironstattoo.com

I have really enjoyed designing this website, being a lover of tattoos myself and being the proud owner of 2 full sleeves and chest ink in Japanese traditional imagery. I am looking forward to getting my chest finished off by Aaron Fitchett, the main man at the GIT Club. Aaron is incidentally working with me and the branding company on a beautiful old school scripted calligraphy logo for Ink Oil

Please Check out Aaron brilliant work on his Instagram page  – Click Here

Check Out The Video

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