Session Drummer

I have officially retired from professional session drumming but do enjoy a jam-session and the odd pub gig with my mates. And yes, before you ask, of course I miss it but its a tough game and I have spent many years doing it. I’m a hard drummer with a Dave Grohl, John Bonham style which is pretty ear shattering and I want to keep whats left of my hearing intact. Also, its very physical. I am not a drummer who’d just sit there and play a nice 4×4, I am like a caged animal when I play, yeah, I suppose I used my time behind a drum kit to exercise my inner torment and share it with an audience as rhythm.

Over the past few years I have recorded with Naomi Bedford on the Number One and award winning album “Tales Of The Weeping Willow“. I played on the follow-up album album ‘A History of Insolence” which also achieved critical acclaim. I have also been performing with Link Grey & The Dark Country, We have been playing shows in Brighton, this is with a couple of mates, I love playing with these guys but due to my traveling  my mate Mike Kelly from The Mission has taken over the drum stool for me.
In 2014, played live and recorded an album with the legendary Phsycobilly band The Midniters.

When I was thirteen I only wanted to be a drummer.RINGO STARR

Born in Leamington Spa, I have been a drummer for nealry 40 years. I was first inspired by the late, great Cozy Powell and through my older brothers and love for heavy rock music got totally in to Led Zeppelin and became obsessed with John Bonhams playing style! That was it for me! Totally hooked and still am. I am still inspired by Bonham but as I grew up and began to appreciate my musicality and started listening to all sorts of drummers but the ones that stand out for me are Keith Moon, Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham, Dave Grohl and last but not least Buddy Rich.

The Varukers 1983
The Varukers 1983

Session Drummer

I have been a session player with many bands, most of them well known including my first major band The Varukers, Where along with my school friend Gary Maloney from Discharge who I replaced became one of the original pioneers of the D-Beat drumming style. I played with The Varukers for two and a half years recording the first highly aclaimed and iconic D-Beat album “Bloodsukers” (also want to credit my brother David Roe R.I.P. who took the cover photo). Good times but tough! skint, skinny semi-homeless but shit, I really learnt my craft…. big style. And to this day am still recognised as the kid with the mohican who said “its a Cult Figure”..! bloody well stuck with me that did.

I went on from The Varukers to play with “Light” later to become Fuse, from Fuse to Tribal Energy . These first bands were pretty much the same line-up, born out of the Punk movement in Leamington Spa and The Varukers. We all went our seperate ways after a Tribal Energy Gig at Glastonbury.

I became a professional session drummer then, that was about 1992. I went on to play with X-Ray Specs, The original Kula Shaker with Crispin Mills and Saul Dismont as The Kays, Mother Earth (percussion), Sunshot, Third-Eye, The Popstars With Rod Doyle and loads of others with countless projects including a developement deal with Acid Jazz and numerous tours with one hit wonders.  Best of all, I got to work with some cracking award winning producers including Mark Freegard, Gerry Diver and Oli Max.

I took a long time off from professional drumming and got into technology and web design, as you have probably read in this blog! I didn’t sell my drum kit so when at American Express a certain Dave Close said to me, “were you in Kula Shaker”  – I was rumbled and ended up getting press-ganged into playing for an American Express Battle of the Bands! The band was called Ugly Dog! We did covers of Radio Head and stuff like that, come the performance, we actually won..! Out of 8 bands too. It was a fabulous moment that actually meant as much to me as playing at Glastonbury.

Me explaining D-Beat Drumming – A Style from my Hardcore Punk days

I am not currently available for session work –  Unless it’s something I can’t refuse of course.
If you have an offer I can’t refuse, contact me

I play:

Sonor Drums -Maple shells in a white sparkle finish (most beautiful drum kit and most amazing bass drum)
2 x Rack Toms: 12×10, 13×12 Nothing on the Bass Drum.
I only ever use one rack mount but swap between the two sizes
2 x Floor Toms: 14×14, 16×16 ,
Bass Drum: 22 x 16
Snare Drums: 14 x 6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty, 14 x 5.5 Sonor Maple, 12×4 Tama Hand Hammered piccolo snare.

Brian Roe Drum Kit
My Sonor Drum Kit

Sabian HHX Cymbals – Hand Hammered
14′ Stage Hi Hats
16′ 18′ & 19′ Evolution crashes
16′ HHX Evolution Ozone
18′ HHX Evolution Ozone
20′ Stage ride
20′ Zidlian Earth Ride – I love this for the bell

Sonor 404 hardware – Plus sonor 404 single, Sonor 404 Double Bass drum pedals and kick pedal cowbell.
Sticks Pro Mark 5B American Hickory Wooden Tip – Plus Handgrip tape
I have a load of custom ones from the drummer of Cold Play to get through.
Cases – By Hardcase