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New Beginnings

I first heard about AMZ Tracker from my friend Tanya back in 2015, she, being a member of AMZ Tracker saw a job ad on their website and informed me about it. I was looking for a meaningful break from Brighton and as this was in Bangkok, one of the places on my list to visit, it was perfect timing.

The application process was a three day event. I had to create memberships, make a video and have a Skype interview but I got the job . Yep, I was well happy but it meant saying goodbye to the band I was playing in and to my son Indio who at the time was 16 and was pretty much independent and had left school and got himself in to college to study film making. Still, its a big move for anyone starting out on a Digital Nomadic journey.

Bali Canggu & Ubud – Digital Nomad, Surfers Paradise & Yoga Heaven

The two places in Bali that I have visited are Canggu (pronounced Changoo) and Ubud. They both vary in digital nomad patronage! I would say that Canggu is very much more focused on the MacPacker digital nomad and Ubud more to the liking of the entrepreneur and professional digital nomad. Canggu being a younger surf orientated crowd and Ubud the Yoga loving variety.
Both share a laid-back trait and both with positive and ( a few) negative characteristics.

Siem Reap – Cambodia

So, another Visa run and another flight out of Bangkok! This time I decided to take my lovely girlfriend Gift with me to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I’d heard so much about it from fellow DC’s and co workers that I decided that I must see it for myself! And off to Don Muang airport in a Uber black we went, and then I realised that Gift had never flown before! She’s got her new passport and was a bit nervous. Even being in the airport had her trembling. Not many Thai people have a passport, let alone fly so this was a big deal for her, and the fact that she was leaving her 16 year old daughter behind with her sister. She was a tad distressed.

We got on the Air Asia plane which was all very normal for me being a frequent flyer, we taxi’ed along the run way and I held her hand as we picked up speed and took off.


I love Saigon…

I loved Saigon when I first visited in January 2016! I had an heads up form my AMZ Tracker work mate Erik about where to stay and where to go! Erik arranged an intro to the lovely Jeremy Ginsburg and it was my first official day of being a registered DC (Dynamite Circle). I arrived fresh of the plane after a very short flight from Bangkok and straight into the heart of the city to my Hotel in District One.

Freshened up and headed out to the “Broma Not A Bar” (still can’t quite figure out that name), got myself a cold beer and watched Jeremy delivering his trademark performance on the open mic stage. He really is fucking good! Well recommend that you check him out.